Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne might join forces in Manchester City’s attack


Pep Guardiola is considering the exciting possibility of pairing Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne in Manchester City’s central attack. Foden’s recent stellar performances in the central attacking midfield position, previously dominated by De Bruyne, have sparked discussions about how to utilize both talents when KDB returns from his hamstring injury.

Guardiola acknowledges the distinct styles of the two players, but highlights their incredible impact in the final third. He suggests the potential for them to play together in certain games, emphasizing their versatility in the pocket or close to the box. However, Guardiola also notes the need for balance in certain situations, indicating a day-by-day evaluation.

De Bruyne’s return won’t be rushed, with Guardiola prioritizing a gradual comeback. The Belgian was on the bench in the recent Premier League victory over Sheffield United, but Guardiola stresses the importance of patience, allowing De Bruyne to regain form at his own pace. Guardiola anticipates that even in limited minutes, De Bruyne can make a significant impact.

Pep Guardiola: “Phil Foden is playing unbelievable in that position midfield, and he feels comfortable. In certain games Foden/🫀 KDB can play together in that position, in the pockets, in the middle, close to the box. In some games, for stability, maybe not…”

“It’s not, ‘OK play, it’s the best Kevin’. You have to be relaxed, enjoy the minutes he’s going to play, try to win the games. “Kevin maybe in 20 minutes can help us more right now than 90 minutes. After that his body will dictate how many minutes more he can get.”

Despite their pursuit of success in the Premier League and Champions League, Guardiola values the FA Cup and intends to defend their title. He expresses a deep connection to the competition and opposes any attempts to marginalize it. Guardiola emphasizes the importance of preparation and underlines that every member of the club values the FA Cup, considering it a significant competition that they are fully committed to.

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