Some City fans still say that George Kinkladze is the greatest player of Man City

George Kinkladze

Some Man City fans still believe that George Kinkladze, also known as “Kinky”, is the greatest City player of all time.

The Magician of Maine Road played for City between 1995-1998 and was a mesmerizing footballer. Some fans even named their sons, George after him.

Despite having several incredible offers after the club’s relegation, he refused all these offers and decided to follow City in League 1.

He scored magnificent goal against Southampton and it’s recognized as one of the best goals in City history.

Kinkladze is from Georgia and was called “Georgian Messi”.

On the contrary, Some other supporters believe that Colin Bell, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne are best Cityzens of all time.

However, Kinky has already made his mark in history and will never be forgotten.

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