Guardiola perfectly Responds to Allardyce’s Bold Claim that nobody is ahead of him (Video)


New Leeds United manager Sam Allardyce mentioned that he knows everything in football and nobody is ahead of him.

“Too many people think, I am old and antiquated, which is so far from the truth. I will be 68 and Look old, but here is nobody ahead of me in football terms., No Pep, No Klopp, No Arteta, In terms of knowledge, in depth of knowledge. I am up there with them. I am not saying I am better than them, certainly as good as they are”

Pep answered in a classy way:

“He’s right, I wanna be honest. Look what happened with Neil Warnock at Huddersfield. They are incredible managers. It looks like the young managers, with the tactics or whatever. But the older managers help us be who we are, like Roy Hodgson. They have incredible experience, they know game perfectly”

Our next game in the Premier League is against Leeds on 6th may. Leeds have 30 points and if they stayed in PL, Sam Allardyce will get 2.5 million bonus.

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